The untold story about a historic incident in Dalarna-Sweden, a deathdefying trick and a mythical skateboard ramp that came to change the world of skateboarding.

Through the eyes of the young skillfull skater Hedda, we get to know, Puttis, a Swedish skateboard legend seeking the truth about the ramp once lost in the past and left to the elements. In the 80’s he became a witness to the birth of a groundbreaking and deathdefying trick that revolutionized skateboarding and subsequently many other action sports: The McTwist. On the road from Rättvik in Dalecarlia to Encinitas and LA in California, we get to know Hedda, Puttis, some American skateboarding legends and a new generation of female skateboarders. At the center of the action is the mysterious ramp, which unexpectedly reveals itself and brings them all together in Rättvik in the summer of 2018 for a final clash.

A film about courage and coincidences, friendship over generations and about pushing yourself over the limit.
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