• Hedda Hjertberg

    Hedda is a young talented skater from Stockholm. She has been skateboarding since she was five and usually stays at Fryshuset - the local skate park. She often goes skateboarding with her dad's best friends, one of them is Puttis. Hedda is fighting like anybody else to overcome fears and rages to master new tricks.
  • Hans Puttis Jacobsson

    Hans Puttis Jabobsson, 52 years old, is a Swedish skateboarder and former European Champion. As a kid, Putti was a participant in the Eurocana Camp in Rättvik 1979, where he got to know Mike McGill. Puttis is currently working as a cook, but in his spare time he goes skateboarding and he is still winning competitions.
  • Hunter Long

    Hunter is 22 years old and from Honolulu, Hawaii. She is today a professional skateboarder and travels the world on competitions and events. Hunter started skating when she was 12 years old. She always dreamed of becoming a professional, but grew up with the conviction that it was not possible for a girl. However, despite the pressure on her surroundings to change her focus, she did not give up. And slowly, she has over the last few years seen the dream come true.
  • Mike McGill

    Mike McGill, born in 1964, is an American skateboarder who is best known for inventing the trick entitled the McTwist. McGill was a member of the Bones Brigade, an elite team of skateboarders who dominated professional skateboarding for a large part of the 1980s. Mike got to know Puttis in Rättvik as a kid.